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Civic Engagement and Responsibility

In teaching civic engagement at Illinois State University, we strive to develop civically responsible individuals who embrace their membership in communities and society by owning social issues and working to be a part of the solution, which requires ethical and civic judgments and interventions when appropriate. Illinois State University's values are at the core of this minor as students will prepare to participate in social change as well as develop an individual awareness of social responsibility.

Concentration for Teacher Education Majors Interested in Urban Education:  The Minor in Civic Engagement and Responsibility also offers a special concentration for teacher education majors who have an interest in urban education and pursuing careers in high-need schools. This entails a dedicated strand of courses that have a strong focus on diversity, multiculturalism, and the importance of creating community engaged classrooms. Many of these courses also offer activities and assignments that immerse the student into the urban context such as field trips and service-learning projects in urban schools and communities.

The minor includes IDS 398.02 Professional Practice: The Service Learning Experience in Civic Engagement (Syllabus and Internship Packet) is a professional-practice course which is a culmination of the minor as the student engages in some aspect of service learning in the community.

Why Study Civic Engagement and Responsibility?

The field of Civic Engagement strives to create civically minded individuals who gain a sense of self-awareness as a citizen, participate in community service, develop an appreciation of diversity, comprehend the interdependence between communities, societies, and the rest of the world, grow an understanding of the democratic process, display critical thinking within the arena of democratic conversations and social issues, become effective at solving problems and promoting change, integrate personal reflections on civil service, social issues, and course content.

Application Information

Application Period

Applications for the Civic Engagement and Responsibility minor are always being accepted.

Academic Advising

Name Office Email Phone Note
Lance Lippert  Fell 464  (309) 438-8869  Minor Coordinator 
Wendi Whitman  Fell 340  (309) 438-7604  Minor Advisor 
Robert E. Lee  (773) 522-1780  Urban Teacher Preparation Concentration Advisor 
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