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Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies is the study of race and ethnicity in U.S. and transnational contexts. Students and faculty in Ethnic Studies examine how social categories like race, indigeneity, culture, ethnicity, and nation are conceptualized.

We also familiarize ourselves with the experiences of the major population groups that make up the United States. We look at the specifics of these experiences as well as comparing them across groups. We are interested in both the contemporary world and how history has shaped it.

Why Study Ethnic Studies?

The Ethnic Studies program at Illinois State allows participants to examine regional, national, and global dimensions of these experiences.

In particular, students take courses focusing on the history and contemporary dynamics of both the United States itself and of the countries outside of Europe (including the First Nations of the Americas) from which significant parts of our populations have emigrated or originated.

Application Information

Minors can only be declared by current Illinois State students. Current students can use the Apply to Your Program tool on

Application Period

Applications for the Ethnic Studies Minor are always being accepted.

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