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Bill Rosemann

photo of Bill RosemannBill Rosemann may not be a super hero, but he’s worked with them for years. Rosemann is an editor at Marvel Comics, and he’ll offer what everyone can learn from comic books with Super Heroes - On and Off the Page at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, in the Brown Ballroom, Bone Student Center. The event, which is part of the Speaker Series of Illinois State University, is free and open to the public.

From Marvel to CrossGen to DC Comics and back to House of Ideas, Rosemann has worked alongside the industry's top creators and edited titles starring Marvel's most famous characters – including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Avengers – as well as cult favorites such as Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Throughout his 20-plus year career in the industry, Rosemann has been a journalist, copywriter, scriptwriter, “Your Man @ Marvel” blogger, marketing director, project manager and editor. He now oversees Marvel Custom Solutions publications as well as monthly comics including Avengers Arena, which he describes as “The Hunger Games with super heroes.”

Rosemann believes everyone can tap into super-human potential in career and life. The comics he creates mirror archetypes of society – the super heroes within us as well as those who aspire to unleash their extraordinary abilities. In 2012, Rosemann led a Marvel team that created the Blue Ear character in response to a mom who wrote that her son didn't want to wear his hearing aid to school because “super heroes don't wear hearing aids.”

The talk is sponsored by the University Program Board (UPB). For additional information on the speaker, contact Sarah Clayton of the UPB at .

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