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Spring 2016

image of Angela Davis

Angela Davis
Social equality activist and author
January 22
Martin Luther King J. Dinner 

image of  Stephanie Liner Stephanie Liner
"Momentos" of A Doomed Construct
January 27

image of  Hamou Amirouche Hamou Amirouche
Author, freedom fighter
The Making of an Algerian Freedom Fighter
February 10

image of  Carlos Figueroa Carlos Figueroa
History faculty at Ithaca College
Baynard Rustin: Black gay Quaker Thinker and Civil Rights and Labor Activist
February 15
In celebration of Black History Month 
image of  Michael Keane Michael Keane
Business consultant
The Journey to a Sustainable Future
February 25
In celebration of Business Week
image of  Andrew Morrison-Gurza Andrew Morrison-Gurza
Disabilities advocate
Deliciously Disabled
March 31
In celebration of Diversity Advocacy and the LGBTQ Institute
image of  David Congalton David Congalton
Author, screenwriter, radio personality
George Clooney laughed: (Mostly) True Tales of a Hollywood Writer
April 6
In celebration of COMM Week 
image of Joan Lippincott Joan Lippincott
Coalition for Networked Information
Moving Forward Together: Libraries and Librarians as Partners in Teaching, Learning, and Research
In celebration with the Bryant Jackson Lectureship 
image of Charlie Miller Charlie Miller
Cybersecurity expert
If You Make It, We Can Break It!
April 12
In celebration of CAST Week 
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