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Academic Support

Illinois State University is committed to the ongoing success of its students. As such it offers programs and professional staff dedicated to assisting students in making the most of their academic experience.

Academic Advising

Illinois State University's academic advising staff assists students in navigating their path towards completing a degree. Students with no declared major or less than 24 earned hours are advised through University College Academic Advisement.

Students with declared majors are advised by members of their respective departments. Specific academic advisors also focus on student athletes, members of the Honors Program, as well as participants in the TRiO/Student Support Services program.

Tutoring and Development

The Julia N. Visor Academic Center is a division of University College that provides services and programs designed to assist students in their pursuit of academic excellence at Illinois State University. The Visor Center offers both course-specific tutoring as well as writing assistance and test preparation.

There are also topic specific workshops that assist students with everything from study skills to communicating with professors.

Academic Services and Opportunities

University College offers a number of different targeted support programs for students from diverse backgrounds.

Milner Library is an active partner in the teaching, learning, research, and service activities of Illinois State University. Reference collections include general, as well as subject-specific, print and electronic research tools including indexes, handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies, directories, and bibliographic and full text databases. 

The Cecilia J. Lauby Teacher Education Center assists all teacher education students throughout the University in taking the necessary steps to complete their student teaching experience and become future educators.

The Office of International Studies and Programs offers a variety of Study Abroad programs. Programs are available for a summer, a semester, or even an academic year and participants earn full credit at Illinois State for their studies abroad. The department offers a range of over 90 programs in 60 countries.

The Illinois State University Honors Program offers academically-talented, culturally and ethnically diverse, and highly-motivated students from all academic disciplines the opportunity to take part in for-credit research opportunities with faculty or participate in other leadership experiences.

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