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team excellence

The Illinois State University Team Excellence Award

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The Illinois State University Team Excellence Award was established in 1997 to recognize collaborative efforts of a group demonstrating exemplary teamwork. Groups that worked during the previous year are announced and recognized annually on Founder's Day.


Awards will recognize a departmental unit or cross-unit work group that has facilitated, promoted, or demonstrated one or more of our institutional values (see below) through their collaborative efforts. The criteria for selection will focus upon the efficient use of fiscal and human resources to meet University goals and objectives that enhance the quality of our collective lives. Awards will be given for projects that have had significant accomplishments between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 (Fiscal Year 2017).

Our Values

Pursuit of Learning and Scholarship:  Illinois State University works with students as partners in their educational development inside and outside of the classroom, so that students come to appreciate learning as an active and lifelong process. The University contributes new knowledge through research, scholarship, and creative activities, as well as other forms of individual scholarship in which all students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate.

Individualized Attention:  Illinois State University provides a supportive environment. An innovative general education program, strong student-faculty-staff connections, and superior student services focus on each student as an individual, with unique educational needs and potential. The University is dedicated to placing the learner at the center of teaching and scholarship, to recognizing the importance of each faculty and staff member to the successful operation of the programs and services provided, and acknowledging the ongoing contributions of its former students, faculty, and staff.   

Public Opportunity:
  Illinois State University assures students access to educational, research, and service opportunities through a wide range of high quality programs; faculty mentors who are scholars; creative artists of repute in their disciplines; and the support of outstanding facilities, technologies, and library resources. The University partners with business, industry, government, and education to provide leadership in statewide, national, and international initiatives; expand service and outreach; and enhance financial support for instructional, scholarship, and service activities.

Diversity: Illinois State University affirms and encourages community and an informed respect for differences among students, faculty, and staff by fostering an inclusive environment characterized by ethical behavior and social justice that prepares students to be fully engaged participants in a global society. The University supports a diverse faculty and staff, who mentor a diverse student population. The University endeavors to create a varied and inclusive community where all students, staff, and faculty are active participants in a global society characterized by teamwork, respect for differences, civic engagement, and educational goals that celebrate diversity.

Civic Engagement :  Illinois State University prepares students to be informed and engaged citizens who will promote and further the collective goals of society.  The University promotes active learning experiences through which students will gain an awareness and understanding of civic engagement as a lifelong responsibility.  Furthermore, the University encourages faculty and staff to serve as engaged civic leaders and role models promoting the quality of life for all citizens through collaborative and individual action.

Our Vision

Illinois State University will continue to occupy a unique position of strength and visibility among the institutions of higher education in Illinois, the nation, and the world. Illinois State University will continue to be the first-choice public university in Illinois for high-achieving, motivated students who seek an individualized educational experience at an institution that offers excellent undergraduate and graduate programs, and supports high quality research, scholarship, and creative activities.                          

The Award

A one-time award of $3,000 will be presented to the team that best meets the criteria outlined above. Two honorable mention awards of $1,000 each may also be given. These awards may be used for business related items as determined by the team decision-making process of award recipients, but may not be used for personal gain. The award winning team may receive this award no more frequently than once every seven years. In the event of a cross-unit/department team, the monetary award will be divided equitably among team members.


A team (two or more individuals) must consist of civil service staff and/or administrative professional staff, and/or faculty. A team may consist of a group from one departmental unit or from more than one unit.

Nomination Procedure

A letter of support from the team's direct supervisor and/or the team’s department chair/school director should accompany the completed nomination form. Nomination materials are due by 4:30 p.m. November 17, 2017.

Award recipients will be notified prior to Founder’s Day in order to assure that team members will attend.

Team Excellence Committee

  • Vicki Shawd, Chair, Office of the Vice President for Finance and Planning
  • Tony Walesby, A/P Appointee
  • Rachel Caracci, A/P Council Representative
  • Vickie Kiser, C/S Appointee
  • Dana Tuttle, C/S Representative
  • Michaelene Cox, Faculty Representative
  • Bahae Samhan, Faculty Representative
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