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Expand the "House Calls" University Housing Program

Task Force Recommendation: Increase Awareness, Institutional Responses, and Office Capacity

Task Force Project: Expand the "House Calls" University Housing Program

Champion: Stacey Mwilambwe

Status: Ongoing

Implementation Team Actions:

  • House Calls, a program that helps staff identify who may need resources in difficult times and how to best support them, responds on both long-term and as-needed basis.
  •  Examples of larger as-needed projects include assistance for students after a sprinkler flood (replacement books, money for laundry, etc.) in a residence hall, and students expressing fear after the national elections.

Next step/Timeline:

  • Continue to be aware of current events and how they can impact the feelings of safety for students living in the residence halls or apartment complexes on campus. 
  • Continue to budget for these unexpected events to pay for materials utilized during house calls (i.e. cookies, laundry pods etc.)
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