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Expand policies that promote affinity group participation

Task Force Recommendation: Intentionally Recruit, Select, and Retain Diverse Talent

Task Force Project: Expand policies that promote affinity group participation

Champion: Tammy Carlson

Status: Ongoing

Implementation Team Actions:

  • Affinity group webpages are on Human Resources (HR) websites under the current Employee tab
  • Tentatively design Office of Equal Access and Opportunity (OEOA) as a physical space for affinity groups mailboxes

Next step/Timeline:

  • Reach out to affinity groups to get a better understanding of their needs and how HR and OEOA might be able to provide assistance.
  • Explore need and feasibility of HR and OEOA providing some logistical support to affinity groups.
  • Review implications of staff attending affinity group meetings and events relative to work on release time.
2017-10-10T15:31:42.459-05:00 2017