Earning College Credit in High School

There are many ways to earn college credit while you're still in high school.

Dual Credit Courses

Some high schools offer the option of taking community college courses which count for credit at both the high school and college level. If you have done so, be sure to submit your official college transcript. It will be reviewed and credit will be awarded as appropriate.

How to Transfer Credit

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program sponsored by the College Board that allows high school students to take accelerated classes that may count for college credit. If you take AP courses and get high enough scores on the official exams, you may be awarded course exemption and/or credit.

Accepted AP Exams and Scores

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program

Sponsored by International Baccalaureate, the program is designed to prepare students for success in the University and beyond in a variety of subjects. A student who has participated in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme should have his or her scores sent to the University Registrar. Students with the appropriate scores will be awarded proficiency for specific International Baccalaureate Program work as indicated.

Accepted IB Scores and Courses

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

College Level Examination Program tests are another way to earn course exemption and/or credit toward General Education requirements at Illinois State.

Learn More About CLEP Credit

Proficiency Examinations

Departmental proficiency examinations are offered in most 100-level and some 200-level courses. If you score high enough on an exam, you may receive credit for the course and/or enroll in a higher level course in that subject. Contact the department for the exam you wish to take.

Proficiency Exam Guidelines