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Visiting and Non-Degree Seeking Students


A visiting student is one who does not wish to seek a degree at Illinois State University. This is an "unclassified" status in which the student is not in a degree program.

Typically, these are students who are taking classes at Illinois State, often during summer vacation, to transfer them to another institution. Alternatively, a visiting student may be establishing a GPA at Illinois State in hopes of being admitted to a degree program at a later time.

How to Apply

Students who are in good academic standing at their current college or university are eligible to be visiting students. If the course you wish to take has prerequisites, you must prove that you meet them by submitting an official transcript.

Visiting students may want to determine whether a course will be available prior to applying for admission. Contact the Registrar Service Center at (309) 438-2188 for assistance.

Students who have a bachelor degree must apply as a Visiting Graduate Student.

Unclassified Status

If you attend Illinois State as a visiting student, you will be considered unclassified, which is different than being admitted to a degree program at the University. Courses you take as an unclassified student count toward your grade point average at Illinois State; however, there is no guarantee the courses you take as an unclassified student will count toward your degree should you be admitted into a degree program in the future.

Visiting students are not eligible for financial aid.

Class Registration

Some courses at Illinois State are only available to students in that major, so we cannot guarantee you will be able to take any course you wish. You can search course offerings through Detailed information about registration will be mailed to you once you are admitted as a visiting student.

For more information about registration, contact the Registrar Service Center at (309) 438-2188.

Transferring Courses

If you wish to transfer the courses you take at Illinois State to another institution, we highly recommend that you consult with your academic advisor at your current institution about course transferability before you sign up for the course. Our Registrar Service Center can provide you or your institution with an official transcript.