Implementation Team

Convened by President Larry H. Dietz, the Campus Climate Implementation Team began work in January of 2017, in response to recommendations from the Campus Climate Task Force. The goal of the Implementation Team is to create actionable and transparent items that can be achieved from the Task Force recommendations, with the aim of furthering diversity and inclusion on campus.


Vice President of Student Affairs, Levester Johnson
Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, Jan Murphy

Team members

Human Resources Director, Tammy Carlson
Executive Director of University Marketing and Communication, Brian Beam
Assistant Vice President for Academic Administration, Sam Catanzaro
Dean of Students, John Davenport
General Counsel, Lisa Huson
Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Katy Killian
Intercollegiate Athletics Director, Larry Lyons 
Assistant to the President, Brent Paterson
Associate Provost, Jonathan Rosenthal
Office of Equal Opportunity and Access Director, Tony Walesby
Vice President of Advancement, Pat Vickerman

Support staff

Jean Ann Dargatz, Office of the Provost
Rachel Hatch, Office of the President