Street view of the Normal Theater.

Campus Climate Task Force

About the task force

President Larry H. Dietz appointed the Campus Climate Task Force in the summer of 2016 to address the Campus Climate Assessment Report for Illinois State University. The committee gathered faculty, staff members, and students from across campus with the aim of making recommendations based on the diversity and inclusion report. During the year-long working sessions, the Task Force heard from constituents across campus, and complied a series of short- and long-term suggestions. The long-term suggestions from the Campus Climate Task Force are due in the fall of 2017.

Implementation Team Action Items - Short-term Suggestions

  • Elevate and Protect the Status of Women
  • Create and Invest in Affirming Spaces for Students of Color
  • Increase Awareness, Institutional Responses, and Office Capacity
  • Required Equity Trainings/Education for Faculty, Staff, and Student
  • Intentionally Recruit, Select, and Retain Diverse Talent

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