Provide gender-inclusive facilities

Task Force Recommendation: Create and Invest in Affirming Spaces for Students of Color

Task Force Project: Provide gender-inclusive facilities

Champion: Tony Walesby

Status: Will meet again in October of 2017

Implementation Team Actions:

  • Facilities are part of a larger plan from the All-Gender Committee.
  • Added more than 20 all-gender restrooms across campus. Identified a variety of issues unrelated to space such as: where and when "gender" is used in campus systems and documents; preferred name and legal name system issues; need for communication plan regarding the issues.

Next step/Timeline:

  • Developing a better campus map showing where all gender restrooms are located
  • Building the new student application, which goes live in Spring 2018
  • Working on assisting students learn how to make a legal name change.
  • Developing a HelpDesk script so they know how to help students/employees make name/gender changes in University systems.
  • Working on getting information in one place and putting together a communication plan.
  • Committee will meet again in October 2017