Increase campus awareness of faculty/staff/administrator demographics

Task Force Recommendation: Increase Awareness, Institutional Responses, and Office Capacity

Task Force Project: Increase Campus Awareness of faculty/staff/administrator demographics

Champion: Tony Walesby

Status: Ongoing

Implementation Team Actions:

  • The Office of Equal Access and Opportunity (OEOA) produces the annual ISU Affirmative Action Plans, which provides data on hires, promotions and terminations. OEOA will continue the past practice of widely sharing data with vice presidents, deans, chairs, school directors, and other administrators.
  • Human Resources (HR) employment consultants will continue to share, with hiring managers, any relevant hiring goals. During the search, HR will monitor and share overall demographic information of the applicant pools and advise appropriate actions/steps to ensure a diverse, qualified applicant pool. ISU's Factbook is available online and contains information about ISU and data about faculty, staff and students.

Next Step/Timeline:

  • Explore existing data sets to share with the campus, such as Illinois Board of Higher Education reports.
  • Offices that maintain data sets will review how such information is shared with the campus community and look for additional ways to get the word out.